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Valentine's Day is one time of year when love is rekindled; when sweethearts, in the full flush of romance, can exclaim their feelings
and new love begins to blossom. It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day either to show that special person in your life that you really care.
Consider sending a completely tailor-made card and specially crafted poem to say how much you love them.
 There are a variety of greetings cards to choose from and you may change the design layout and colour to suit.
Below you can view some sample verse, both humorous and romantic too.

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Valentine's Verse
Contract with Cupid
I'll love you when your hair turns grey,
or if it falls out, as it may some day.
I'll love you when your girth increases
and the rest of your body's gone to pieces.
I'll love you when your ears begin
to grow wispy hair from within.
I'll love you still, when you slow down
and don't want to take me out on the town.
We can always cuddle in front of the telly,
just you and me and your middle-aged belly.

Valentine's Verse
Ode to a Valentine Himbo

You're my Valentine, my lover,
you are my only Himbo,
you make my heart feel giddy
and my legs go all akimbo.


My Valentine Spouse
Ode to a Husband

I love you dear husband,
you are forever my soul mate,
we have much in common,
except football, I hate.
And I just love the way,
the rain curls up your hair,
but leaving it lying in the bath,
is more than I can bear.
I simply adore your mouth
with it's wide, endearing grin,
but please refrain dropping your things,
at night when you come in.
I warm to your brown eyes,
they twinkle, glint and smile,
by the way, you've not done any hoovering,
no, not in a long while.
You kiss me so gently,
it's absolute heavenly bliss,
not until you've ironed your shirts,
can you to me, do this.
You make me feel so special,
only you have this knack,
but please will you clear up your socks
and I beg, put everything back.

How is it that we
can love each other so?
We're both such different creatures,
and by golly, doesn't it show?
How difficult it often is,
to fathom each other out,
sure, we have the same feelings
but our outward expression gives doubt.
But still, we will always,
love and need each other so,
until the sands of time run out,
our love will continue to grow.

Valentine's Day Verse
for a sporty lover
Will you be my Valentine? 
I really want to know.
Will you be my CuddlyBun? 
Will you Gareth Flowe?
For you are such a sexy guy
with the sweetest chubby cheeks,
with your hairy arms and cutest butt,
I could rave on for weeks.
You're a political science major
with a minor in philosophy,
you're ever so clever at what you do,
especially what you do to me.

You have an interest in snowboarding
and playing Golden Tee Fore
but the game I love you most to play
is wrestling, give me more. 
August the twenty-eighth it was
when we discovered this new sport,
anymore and we'll be champions
and it's all completely self-taught.
Gareth you're such a gentleman,
you open all doors for me,
not just at Charley's Restaurant
but the door to my heart, you see.

Your sense of humour is fab
and I love all your imitations
 of Chris Rock and Adam Sandler,
with you there's no limitations,
except you keep all your feelings
deeply bottled up inside,
so when you say something sweet to me,
it makes my grin grow wide.
I'm so glad we got back together,
time apart was much too long
but we've passed that 'seven year itch'
and our feelings are much more strong.

This gal from Mocksville wants you to know
she's your truest Honeybunch
and she wants you to be her lasting love,
she's hopeful, well ....that's her hunch.
Valentine's Verse
Ooooh, you have such luscious lips,
they're juicy, wet and full, 
I want to slobber with them all night,
'til it saturates my skull. 

  Valentine's Day Poem
Valentine, you have the knack,
your touch just makes me quiver,
sending shivers through my heart,
then on towards my liver.


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