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Farewell Dedication to a Dear Departed Friend

Memories conjure up,
through this dark hour, they glow,
to cast their light again
on the laughter long ago.
Memories of girlhood,
the deep friendship we all had,
us growing up together,
all the good times and the bad.
Reminiscences that slumbered,
safely locked away in time,
are awoken once again,
as into our thoughts you climb.
For these rekindled memories,
we grasp to shield the pain,
of your passing, dear, sweet friend,
our lives won’t be the same.
We’ll hang on to those days;
seventies music, latest trends,
strolling on the promenade,
our gang; the best of friends. 
Cherished recollections
of our fragrant, youthful past,
together we shared hopes and dreams,
forever they would last.
Always, you’ll have your special place
etched deeply on our hearts,
treasured, happy times with you
and our love, which ne’er departs.
Linda Margaret Cretney,
how you hated your middle name,
great, funny, shy, kind, gentle friend,
into our lives you came.
How terribly we all will miss you,
sleep well, now you’re at rest,
we’ll never ever forget you,
Linda, to us, you were the best.

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