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Scroll down and take a look at some sample wedding verse. Not everyone wants tradionally romantic poetry
Couples meet in unusual and often humorous circumstances. Some have enjoyed long lingering dalliances, some have been whirlwind 
affairs; other relationships have been maturing since childhood. Capturing the mood in your own lifestory to date in a personalised verse,
can contain a mixture of many emotions. Of course, if it's pure romance you're looking for then your wish is my command. 
Wedding verses can be composed to be incorporated with any of your wedding stationery, should you require it. You may like 
to have a poem written for your wedding invitations, to be displayed on table cards for your reception, for your favour cards or 
thank you cards. You may like to consider a wedding speech recited in verse; it's much easier to deliver and all of it, done for you!

Are you a family member or old friend who's stuck for something to buy as a special keepsake of the day? A personalised wedding verse
may be just the ticket. You may prefer to order poetry without any stationery. I'm always happy to oblige, whatever your needs.
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Wedding Verse 1
Presented from a bride to her father
on the eve of her wedding

Dad, you'll be relieved, this day has finally come,
at last, I'm getting married, feeling nervous, a modicum,
And as for you, well maybe, you're nervous just like me,
but bound to be excited too, you're getting rid of me.
You've certainly put up with me, over these twenty-nine years,
in the latter part you complained of loud music in your ears,
but come on Dad, be fair, it can't have been as loud,
than you practicing your guitar and playing to the crowd.

And my love of clothes, coupled with obsession for money,
you used to feel I bled you dry, hurrah for my matrimony.
For now and ever after, you'll be glad Steve fell for me,
as he has given you reprieve from responsibility.
I used to come home late, which irked you somewhat,
the tables have turned since then, you and Mum have taken that slot,
as you have an extremely active, social life with your friends,
often staying up entertaining until the dark hour ends.

At Brabourne Primary School, you've run it as their Head
and come December, this mantle you will shed,
for you are then retiring into relaxed repose,
to probably tend your shrubs and prune the odd red rose.
You are renowned in the family as the Barbecue King,
not quite for positive reasons as you burn everything
and you have been known to be clumsy in the things you do,
like the time you found that leaving cake, into the cupboard it flew.

If clumsy a little, you are, then brave you are, such a lot,
when chasing that thief with a knife, you weren't concerned one jot.
Your story made headline news, in the Reader's Digest and Gazette,
you were nominated for a Hero's award, it's not right, for zilch you got.
You play guitar in two bands, Guisborough and Silver Street,
you like Hank Marvin and Jazz and were delighted for Les Paul to meet.
You're playing at the wedding, in addition to being Father of the Bride,
does this mean you'll be making your speech, while strumming guitar by your side?

On the day when I become Mrs., you'll be there as you've always been,
by my side on our way to St. Mary's, holding hands in between,
I'll always have much to thank you, Dad, for showing that you care,
for being such a wonderful father and always being fair.
Whenever you need reminding how much I hold you dear,
just dig out this memento and recite the verse right here.

Wedding Verse 2
Excerpt of a verse given from the bride 
to her groom on their wedding day

...So here we both are in Las Vegas
to be married, I simply can't wait,
hope Elvis serenades our union,
our most memorable occasion to date.

Geoff, I love you to bits,
I'm delighted, so happy I met you,
this day I will always remember 
when the two of us both croon, "I do." 

When we've tied the knot,
we'll be off back into travelling around,
San Fransisco, LA, San Diego,
then Orlando to Mickey's homeground.

I want you to know how proud I am
to soon be called Mrs Deal,
to forever be a part of you,
it's so fabulous to feel.
So darling Geoff, here goes,
we're off to finally get wed,
I'm not feeling so terribly nervous,
just terribly excited instead.

Wedding Verse 3
Excerpts from a thank you verse
for the bride's parents
...Mum, you're Practice Manager
at The Old Court Surgery,
so if Steve or I were ever sick,
we'd be seen immediately,
instead of having to wait,
hope we wouldn't have to queue,
if we did, we're sure you'd amuse us
with dear old Winnie the Pooh,
for he is your obsession,
you collect him with such glee,
filling my old bedroom
with every Winnie accessory.

Dad, you're hair was all dark
but it's getting a peppering of grey,
you say it's the stress I cause you
but there's no getting away
from the fact that time moves on,
with the onset of autumn years
and the widening of your girth,
caused by all those beers.

We trust you will remember
this treasured wedding day,
locked in our hearts forever,
these memories, they will stay.
We'll always have much to thank you
for you both being there,
for being a wonderful mum and dad
and showing that you care.

Fabulous parents, you two,
have certainly been to me
and Steve thinks you'll be the best in-laws
there could ever be.

Wedding Verse 4
Verse composed for a wedding invitation

It was in nineteen ninety-six,
Jenny was to meet her Dunc.
at Katie's wedding and not long after this,
from Canada, she did a bunk.

It was very much love at first sight,
when they met few words were said,
but since that time, four years have passed,
with each other they now are well-read.
At Sandown Meadow their love, it is shared,
not least with dear, sweet little Molly.
She's wonderful, cheeky, the light of their lives,
she's their cute little two year old dolly.

They also share a great love for sweets;
coconut mushrooms and chocolate that's plain
and walking and travelling to take in the world
and the sound on the roof when it rains.

Together they share a miriad of things,
some quirky and some of them not,
but one thing's for sure and that is their love
and hence why they're tying the knot.

Both of them waited a very long time
to find their ideal soulmate,
now that they have, they'd like you to share
their special nuptial date.

Wedding Verse 5
A gift of verse
presented to the newlyweds

You're a duo, you're a twosome,
you're fine-featured and not gruesome.
You're a couple, you're a pair,
you have identical fair hair.
You're like twins, Siamese,
glued together at the knees.
You're a twinset, you're a brace,
smiles in unison on your face.
You're a match, you're a team,
put together like a dream.
So Chris and Kate, on your big day,
you'll be united, come what may.

Wedding Verse 6
Verse presented to the bride from her sister
on the morning of her wedding

Time, it never meant much to me,
as a small child, I'd always be
passing the hours in ignorant bliss,
playing some game with you, my sis.
Those Summer breaks went on and on,
it seemed an age before it had gone
and back to school, we'd happily go,
how long for? We didn't know.

Now the time's moved on again
and here am I remembering when
you met a lad so shy, so sweet,
his clothes so trendy and so neat.
You went out for ages - for months, for years,
there were happy times with the odd few tears.
Yes, you and Dan went on forever,
dare mention 'wedding', you both said, "Never!"

Today, we thought would never come,
"Hallelujah!", shouted Mum,
when you announced your nuptial date,
all the family couldn't wait,
to see you both in wedding gear,
cancellation was our big fear.

So today, Lyn, I'm sending you,
congrats and hugs and kisses too,
we've waited so long for this to be
the happiest day in history.
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