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Birthday Verse 
for a Half-Starved Dad
Sixty-eight my father will be,
on Friday, will there be birthday tea?

With oodles of naughty things to eat,
like butter rich sauce caressing the meat
and potatoes baked the Dauphinoise way,
oh that creamy concoction would make his day.

Then to follow, a divine chocolate torte, 
a home-made one, not them that are bought,
with roasted hazelnuts, ooh what a dream,
like heaven on earth, all dripping with cream.

To wash it down, there'll be lashings of booze
and after that lot he'll feel like a snooze,
to help digest his splendiferous meal,
in no way guilt-ridden should he feel,
for after all he deserves one day
to indulge himself as a Foodie may.

He's been ever so good avoiding all those
cholesterol-crammed goodies, as everyone knows
and saturated fats, much as all these
bring pleasure to him, especially cheese.

So go on Dad, have your fill.
Enjoy it. Savour it, until
the sun sets on another year
and naughty food, you can't go nea


40th Birthday Poem

Our Elaine lived in the Isle of Man,
this was where the hayfever began.
Each year she'd don a red handkerchief,
over nose and mouth, it caused such grief.

This allergy problem, especially in May,
while cycling like fury past all that hay,
she looked like a bandit, did our dear Watty,
to prevent eyes puffing and nose getting snotty.
It was a shame that this gal from the North,
wheezed and sneezed so much, her nose poured forth.
Today she is forty and we hope the day goes,
without any red eye or snuffly nose. 
It is a day so special, you will agree,
that it may be celebrated emotionally.
So when the eyes start to water for days long gone,
put it down to hayfever and tell everyone
  that you're really not the sniffling kind,
it's your allergy to blame and they won't mind.
Just make sure you have a great day,
enjoy being forty in every way.
The skin may be looser, the tummy, less flat 
but we're all hitting forty so who cares about that?

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Verse
A gift for a Mum and Dad

For my Mum and Dad, it’s a special day, as their anniversary nears,
there’s been so much fun, laughter and love, throughout their forty years.
They met when Dad was eighteen and Mum was a mere fourteen,
she walked past his window when he was ill, she smiled and he was keen.
A day or two passed and Mum begged, for her sister to intervene,
asking Dad to help with Mum’s homework and together since, they have been.
At St Andrew’s Church they were married, in nineteen sixty-two
and it wasn’t too long before Mike and myself made our own debut.
Now Dad is a whole six foot, while Mum’s only five foot two,
she may be small but her voice is big as she talks loudly impromptu.  
They both have their own interests, one or two they also share,
Dad, he loves to cook, it’s something Mum can’t bare,
so while Dad’s doing the cooking, Mum busies herself with the chores,
goes at it with an obsession, housework, Dad simply abhors.
Music is a pastime of which they both enjoy, 
Mum likes Westlife and Will Young, Pop Idol’s new star boy,
Dad prefers classical music, Jazz and the Big Band sound 
but play pop, especially Rap and he’ll be seen going to ground.
He also loves computing and compiling his own CDs,
he’s often caught playing computer games, when ‘I’m working’ are his pleas.
Mum loves to go shopping, a real shopaholic is she,
buys things for the house, Georgie and Greg, and yes, lucky old me.
When she buys things for herself, most find their way back to the shop,
she changes her mind so much, it’s the addiction that impels her to swap.
Dad is Mr Perfect and he’s also Gadget Man,
buys things for the kitchen and car, they’re the perfect torch, ladle or fan.
While Dad is good at all this, spring cleaning Mum will embrace,
it’s carried out numerous times a year, nothing’s ever out of place.
Mum often, when she is worried, will wake Dad from his sleep,
it may be 3 o’clock in the morning but it simply will not keep,
By the time the dawn has risen, Mum’s worries have been subdued
Mr Perfect has done it again and a fresh day can be pursued.
Onto Milly, the dog, she’s like the last child at home,
she’s really rather naughty, there’s trouble where’er she does roam.  
She likes pot-pourri in vases, handbags and slippers, she’ll chew,
drags in mud from the garden and her toys leave the living room askew.
This makes Mum rather edgy as we know she likes the place neat,
instead this Yorkshire Terrier gives Mum all the chores to repeat.
Once Mum and Dad were arguing and Mum went to clip Dad’s bum,
Milly jumped up in defence of Dad and nipped hard the leg of Mum.
They’re the most wonderful parents, the best there ever could be,
want to thank them so much for always being there and taking such good care of me.
They helped me get my first flat, spent their time helping me decorate,
even when I am out at work, for these things they’re fab and they're great.
They’ve laden my fridge with food when it has often been bare,
even buying for me on Mum’s weekly food shop, they’re such a special pair.
Want to wish them Happy Ruby Anniversary and many more years to come,
they’re simply the best and much loved by me, so glad they’re my Dad and Mum.

Birthday Poem
for an Older Soul
So Howard Firth, you're forty-three,
that's three years older than little old me.
Three more years of silvering hair,
trois plus ans of wear and tear,
three years closer to a free bus pass,
three years closer to having less brass.
But never you fear, you'll have more time,
take up a hobby, get into crime ..
novels or some other interesting theme,
the Autumn years aren't what they seem,
for you will have the hours to spend,
enjoying yourself, it's not the end
and if you feel you're missing out,
shift some paperwork all about
what used to be your office space
and pretend it is a thriving base.
But wait, I've moved on too many years,
and no doubt, given you more fears,
after all, you're not that old,
and business is good, so I'm told.
So have yourself a happy day,
on your birthday, come what may,
it's ages yet before you'll be,
an OAP..................ahead of me.

50th Birthday Verse

Mrs Deirdre Finch, that's you, my very own dear Mum,
you've now reached fifty years, a rather grand old sum.
It's amazing you've been married, more than half this time,
to Jack Finch, that's Dad to me and a man right in his prime.

An electrical place is where you met, I think Dad was engaged,
but clapping eyes on your fair face, he deftly was assuaged.
Soon I was to come along, in March of seventy-four,
a very swift pregnancy it was, as you were married six months before.

You and Dad often share, copious amounts of red wine
and as a social pastime, that's absolutely fine,
but when the other party gets up to leave the room,
emptying their glass behind their back is bound to make them fume.

So does it really matter which one of you drank the most?
Having equal volume capacity, which you can both safely boast.
Seems the booze has a strange effect, especially on you, Mother Finch,
rendering you a randy soul as Dad's bottom you love to pinch
and suggestions that you'd like to carry on with him upstairs,
I like to think you're too old for that and pretend I'm unawares.

You get dragged out by Dad, each weekend on your bikes,
covering usually twenty miles on your pub crawl hikes,
Dad will cycle too fast, it's hard for you to keep up,
by the time you reach the pub, you're ready for gallons to sup,
so Dad's usual comment, 'Come on', really comes into its own,
when you're there dying of such thirst, you mustn't, the time, postpone.

I often have visions of you both, zigzagging down the road,
drunk in charge of your bicycles, never minding the Highway Code.
Aside from all your boozing, you just love to shop,
Dad thinks you've cost him a lot and never know when to stop,
so it's a good job then, you've carried on at work,
even though you have RSI, you've never been one to shirk.

I'm sure Dad's only joking but he really gives you stick,
how you put up with him saying your bum is fat and you're thick!
Still, you just ignore him and get on with the meaning of life,
to you that's to continue spending, being an independent wife.

You make a really grand mother but a gran you're not likely to be,
as Mandy and I never intend, to be nearing maternity.
You'll just have to make do, with the horses, the dogs and the cats,
after all, they're much less trouble than snotty-nosed, screaming brats!

You're a very kind, generous mother and the custard you make's really nice,
you're fun and you're warm and you're lovely, for you we would all sacrifice,
so don't you be slipping away, as frightened you shouldn't be,
being fifty's your chance to celebrate and have a bottle or three,
of your favourite red wine and savour all of your years,
wishing you a fabulous birthday, with such a vintage, we want to say cheers.       

Birthday Verse
for an Elderly Pedigree Chum
Many Happy Returns of the day,
all of us here would like to say.
You're someone we always look up to,
you have such energy in all you do.

You're rather special, one of the rare few
with Age Concern and Tibby Rescue.
In Acton, you're a familiar sight,
walking the streets both day and night
with all your boys, usually in tow,
you bring a smile wherever you go.

Us doggie folk are here tonight
to celebrate with you and have a bite,
to wish you many more years to come
and many more walkies with your chums.

We trust you'll enjoy our company
and not be missing your four-legged three,
you could always take home a doggie bag,
that'd sure make their little tails wag.

For now, we'll raise a glass or two,
to toast our Pedigree friend, that's you,
a "Happy Birthday", we'll all bark,
then see you tomorrow in the park.

Birthday Verse
for a Night Bird
Thank goodness it's Monday, you've done the night shift,
now Les, it's your birthday, you're ready for a lift.

Today's your day off, so lie in for a start,
get more beauty sleep, then you'll feel the part.
And when you awake, refreshed you will be
and ready for some action, go at it with glee.
We do hope your day goes with a swing,
we're thinking of you and we'll give you a ring.

To wish Happy Birthday to our nocturnal friend,
hope your day is alight right through to the end.

Mother's Day Verse
An Ode to the Hero of the Species
Mother, you're a special kind
of human being, you always find,
the household chores up to your ears,
the cause for this ...... your little dears,
not just them, the big one too,
for he can make more work for you.
You just get on, clear up the mess,
there's dishes to do and shirts to press,
cleaning the brasses, scouring the loo,
there's so little time, always much to do.
Mother, you do this and so very much more
and that is what Mother's Day's for,
to thank you so much for seeing us through,
for always being there when we needed you,
for loving us in your own supreme way,
for clearing up around us, with no bad word to say.

So a big thank you, Mum, you're the absolute best,
you've done much for us, now it's your day to rest.

Birth Congratulations Verse

Becky, decided
she'd had enough of being sick,
so she opted for a Caesar,
that should do the trick.
It'd save a lengthy labour,
the drugs would give a kick,
no screaming out in agony
nor calling Rich. a ...cad!

No, how very civilised
this birth was going to be,
for soon it would all be over
and time for a cup of tea.

And to her and Rich's joy,
on this most amazing day,
out popped little 'Tonto',
was lifted High Ho and Away.

To check his bits and bobs,
his fingers and his toes,
then back to mum and dad
for a jolly well-earned doze.

So Happy Mum and Daddyhood,
to you Rich and Becks,
we send our love and hugs
with a heap of sloppy pecks.


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