Stationery, Verse and Speeches especially for Weddings Card Designs, Verse and Speeches for Special Occasions Speeches

If you have to buy something and haven't a clue,
for a birthday, anniversary or thank you,
just place your order online right away
for a personalised verse to make someone's day.

If it's romance or humour you'd like to relay,
to capture the essence of your wedding day,
personalised poetry will be more precise, 
expressing your sentiments; naughty or nice.
If you feel a poem simply is not for you,
I design all my cards and print them too.
So have a good think. Is it me that you need?
If yes, let me know, I'll get going at speed.
Whatever your occasion, I'm sure you will find,
my poems, speech and cards are just the right kind,
to help celebrate, mark your special day,
with a keepsake wherein your memories stay.

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